Is it Rare to Believe in the Impossible?

Is it Rare to Believe in the Impossible?

As creatives and entrepreneurs, we all start out with the thrill of wanting to make something new.  We love attacking our idea and the challenge of bringing it to life. We believe in our vision and have the tenacity to build it even through the times it seems impossible.

But are we born with this skill or is this something we learn along the way? Can anyone develop these skills?

As it turns out, yes! We can all develop these skills!

We need someone to believe in us. None of us realizes our potential alone and success isn’t something any of us are born with.

It’s called the Pygmalion Effect: when we believe in another person’s potential it brings that potential to life. It’s based on the Rosenthal–Jacobson study, which showed that, if teachers were led to expect enhanced performance from children, then the children's performance was enhanced. This study supported the hypothesis that reality can be positively or negatively influenced by the expectations of others. (Wikipedia)

As entrepreneurs we can take on a lot at one time, but only for so long until we get burned out and it’s very difficult to come up with the plan alone. In strategic planning this is the part where things get ‘physical’. Our vision and idea need to become ‘material’ through a clear course of action in order to become real.

So, how do we use collaboration to focus on what is most important to us and what we are trying to build? How do we work within our limitations as individuals to get what we really want? We need a map and we need each other to create the map. We believe in each other individually and together as group and that’s how we make the impossible possible.

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All the best,
Laurel Van Matre