Mastery Class: Creating a Plan That Works!

Dear friends, artists and fellow entrepreneurs,

We are excited to announce a two-day workshop we will be facilitating. This is a Mastery Class for entrepreneurs and creatives who want to take their business and creative ventures to the next level. The workshop will be held at YOGA Garden on January 19th and 20th.  

The workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs unlock persistent challenges: How do you develop a plan (and set of actions) that will lead to sustainable success in your current venture?  What are the changes you can make now to get more value out of your current venture, and enable you to achieve other goals (personal or professional)?  How does your wellbeing fit into the equation and how can you achieve a better work/life balance?  How do you communicate effectively to your co-founders and team about your priorities?  

This is an intimate, action-packed, two-day workshop set in a beautiful studio where entrepreneurs and creatives collaborate together to each create a one-page strategic plan.  The strategic plan will be a map that each participant can use to accelerate their businesses and creative pursuits. This technique has been developed and used by both of us for the last 6 years, and we’ve trained dozens of other creatives and entrepreneurs resulting in breakthrough successes (feel free to ask us about it!). 

We look forward to rolling up our sleeves and helping YOU develop a strategic plan that will accelerate your venture and allow you take it to the next level!

To learn more or to sign up for the Mastery Class, click here.    

All the best,
Laurel Van Matre and Patrick Riley