Find the Bigger Picture Through the Vanishing Point

Creating an effective entrepreneurial strategic plan requires a herculean effort to distill, focus and refine your goals & intentions; it also requires some art to inspire you to set the course and manage the flow.  That’s why many successful entrepreneurs also tend to be artists, and even if you’re not an artist, there’s strength in utilizing art metaphors and borrowing from artistic techniques.  

When we work with participants at a Tiger Trap workshop, we collaborate and iterate with each participant so they can fine-tune their mission & vision, and then we prototype toward a set of objectives enabling traction to achieve success.  Sounds easy, right?  Nope, it’s really hard.  As entrepreneurs, we’re really good at coming up with new ideas for companies, products and services; however, to bring our ideas to fruition into sustainable companies that bring us the outcomes we desire, we have to develop skills to better think with elasticity and make plans that work over time.  

This is where borrowing from the artistic process can help us break through the status quo of our thinking, enabling us to be better entrepreneurs and develop plans for the long haul.   

The vanishing point is a painting technique developed in the late 1400’s during the Renaissance.  It creates the visual effect of depth and is an abstract point on the image plane where 2D projections (or drawings) of a set of parallel lines in 3D space appear to converge.

The Vanishing Point - Example

The Vanishing Point - Example

This technique was essential during the Renaissance to make paintings and illustrations communicate depth and feel more epic.  

As an entrepreneur a critical skill for you and your team to develop are techniques to visualize the future, or more specifically, visualize a destination of where you are headed as an organization.  When you have a clear vision defined of where you are headed, making decisions for your immediate plan becomes much easier, your team and employees are inspired, and your customers understand what makes you unique and they remain committed to you for many years. 

Bringing that vision to life in your strategic plan is a big part of what we do at Tiger Trap workshops.  We help participants take what they are already doing well in 2D, and teach them skills to construct a vanishing point (or vision) in their strategic plans so they can see their plans come to life in 3D.  

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