We are tenacious with open eyes.

We inspire people to tear out the walls between their work, life and wellness, then take them on a personal journey to teach them how to map it all together; expanding their capacity, curiosity and confidence.  

We are Tiger Trap.  We believe in living a life with few regrets, where everything is possible.


Join Laurel Van Matre and Patrick Riley for a two-day workshop in Minneapolis to learn how to take your business and entrepreneurial pursuits to the next level.

Tiger Trap Mastery Class

You've built a great business, it's off the ground and it is cash-flowing, congratulations!   But how do you convert your tenacity into structure and take it to the next level?  Join veteran entrepreneurs Patrick Riley and Laurel Van Matre for a two-day design thinking workshop where they will teach you how to create a personal strategic plan, enabling you to effectively integrate & align your personal, business and wellness goals.   

At the end of the two-day workshop you will walk away with a one-page strategic plan that will guide you forward, and help you better manage where your personal and business life intersect. 

Your personal strategic plan will include a well crafted entrepreneurial mission, vision, and three year objectives. 

Additionally you will: 

  • Learn to begin with the end in mind.  Is your business a lifestyle or a salable business?  And which do you want it to be?
  • Learn how to establish personal and professional boundaries and build a great team to support you.  
  • Learn how to develop leadership skills that will serve you and your team well.  
  • Become more aware of your behavioral patterns.  You will learn how to lead with purpose and to be clear about what you’re asking for, and what outcomes you have in mind. 
  • Learn how to build structure and process so you can move forward and pursue your NEXT opportunity.  
  • Learn how to give yourself permission to achieve a value that’s most important to you. 
  • Learn how to read your market and the changing landscape around you, and to keep your eyes open.  
  • Do this all with balance and grace, personally and professionally.

January 19-20, 2018

Friday 9AM - 4PM

Saturday 12PM - 4PM

Workshop includes a healthy organic lunch on both days, as well as snacks, beverages, and a happy hour! 



YOGA Garden

1229 Tyler Street NE, #140

Minneapolis, MN. 55413

FOUNDERS: Laurel Van Matre and Patrick Riley


Laurel Van Matre is a Minneapolis based yogi, designer and entrepreneur. She has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and teaching for more than a decade. Her yoga studio, YOGA Garden, is considered one of the leading studios in Minneapolis.  She teaches her students to use Design Thinking concepts on their mats and how to use that experience as a metaphor for their creative pursuits.  She is a teacher to many successful C-Level executives, artists and entrepreneurs who are curious, creative and understand yoga as a way to increase creative confidence through movement.  In addition to YOGA Garden she is the owner/operator of LVMGardens Design.


Laurel holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin, has lived in London and travelled extensively through Europe and Asia.


Patrick Riley is a technology entrepreneur and artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Patrick is a Partner at Aon where he leads enterprise products, and he was previously CEO and co-founder of Modern Survey, an employee engagement software company that was fully acquired by Aon in 2016.   Patrick is also an accomplished filmmaker and musician. In the mid-90's he played bass and shared lead vocals with his brother Dan in the Defender Records band Cooper. Patrick has written, directed and produced dozens of music videos, documentaries, television series, and films. 

Patrick is an expert technologist and startup entrepreneur whose thought leadership has been featured by numerous media organizations including Talent Management Magazine and National Public Radio.

When not building businesses or pursuing art projects, Patrick enjoys practicing yoga, riding his mountain bike, skiing the Rockies, eating great food, adventure traveling, and spending time with family and friends.